Volume 32,Issue 4,2017 Table of Contents

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On the Laser Beam Stability and Laser Spot Quality Evaluation Method Based on High-Speed Image Analysis
  SU Jin,LU Da-ju,MA Qin-wei,PEI Peng-hao,MA Shao-peng,GUO Xiang and SUO Tao
  Published 8月 28日, 2017
  2017,32(4):445-451 [Abstract]  [View PDF(619.07 K)]
On the Crack Observation and Impact Damage Evolution of Epoxy Polymer Matrix Concrete Based on CT Scanning
  ZHANG Nan-li,LIU Yi-ping*,JIANG Zhen-yu,SHI Meng-ze,MA Dong-peng,LIU Ze-jia and TANG Li-qun
  Published 8月 28日, 2017
  2017,32(4):452-462 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.16 M)]
On the Dynamic Fracture Behavior of Three-Point Bending Beam with Empty Hole and Subjected to Impact Loading
  YUE Zhong-wen*,HU Qing-wen,WANG Xu and ZHANG Wang
  Published 8月 28日, 2017
  2017,32(4):463-471 [Abstract]  [View PDF(679.25 K)]
Experimental Study of Sandy Mudstone Anisotropic Properties
  SHI Hao,FU Yu-kai*,ZHOU Bo and LI Tong-lu
  Published 8月 28日, 2017
  2017,32(4):472-478 [Abstract]  [View PDF(428.68 K)]
Development Process of Multi-Field Characteristics Measurement System for High Temperature Superconducting Tapes (II)
  LIU Wei,ZHANG Xing-yi*,LIU Cong,ZHANG Wen-tao,ZHOU Jun and ZHOU You-he
  Published 8月 28日, 2017
  2017,32(4):479-486 [Abstract]  [View PDF(641.69 K)]
On the Beam Bridge Damage Detection Based on Lifting Wavelet Transform and Cross Correlation Function
  WANG Xiao-chun,LIU Xi-jun* and ZHANG Su-xia
  Published 8月 28日, 2017
  2017,32(4):487-494 [Abstract]  [View PDF(722.91 K)]
Experimental Study of Prestressed Bellows Compactness Based on Electro-Mechanical Impedance (EMI) Method
  JIANG Tian-yong*,PENG Zhong,LUO Zhou-tao and ZHENG Jun-bo
  Published 8月 28日, 2017
  2017,32(4):495-505 [Abstract]  [View PDF(775.56 K)]
A Rapid Measurement System of Residual Stress Based on DIC Method
  SONG Qiu,LI Xiao-xing* and YANG Yan-feng
  Published 8月 28日, 2017
  2017,32(4):506-516 [Abstract]  [View PDF(962.42 K)]
Experimental Study on Diffusion Behavior of Chlorine Ion in Concrete Subjected to Fatigue Loading
  LIU Lei,LV Yi-gang,YU Zhuo-jie,LIU Jie and PENG Hui*
  Published 8月 28日, 2017
  2017,32(4):517-524 [Abstract]  [View PDF(503.88 K)]
Study of Seismic Damage Model of Steel Reinforced Recycled Concrete Column Based on Deformation and Accumulated Energy Dissipation
  MA Hui*,GUO Ting-ting,XUE Jian-yang,LIU Yun-he and DONG Jing
  Published 8月 28日, 2017
  2017,32(4):525-534 [Abstract]  [View PDF(750.74 K)]
Experimental Study of T-type Beam Bridge Transverse Diaphragm Reinforcement by Prestressed Steel Bar
  DENG Ming*,ZHANG Jian-ren,WANG Lei,HE Li-zhong and DAI Li-zhao
  Published 8月 28日, 2017
  2017,32(4):535-542 [Abstract]  [View PDF(771.41 K)]
Study of the Influence of Horizontal Stress on Roof Caving Angle and its Application
  SHI Zhan-shan,LIANG Bing*,SUN Wei-ji and SHI Yong-wei
  Published 8月 28日, 2017
  2017,32(4):543-550 [Abstract]  [View PDF(657.70 K)]
Experimental Study of the Effect of Aluminum Panel Thickness on Flexural Properties of Nomex Honeycomb Sandwich Structure Subjected to Low Velocity Impact
  GUAN Guo-yang*,LIU Zhi-chang,HU Guoping and ZHANG Ying
  Published 8月 28日, 2017
  2017,32(4):551-558 [Abstract]  [View PDF(410.49 K)]
Experimental Study of Coal Seam Reinforcement and Mechanism Analysis of Working Surface Rib Spalling for Very Soft Coal Seam
  LI Jia-zhuo*,ZHU Chuan-qi and LIU Wan-rong
  Published 8月 28日, 2017
  2017,32(4):559-567 [Abstract]  [View PDF(757.37 K)]
On the Multi-Channel Micro-Cantilever Biochemical Sensing System Based on Laser Array
  WU Lin*,XIA Deng-ming,QIAN Jiang-rong,CHEN Cong and WANG Lei
  Published 8月 28日, 2017
  2017,32(4):568-572 [Abstract]  [View PDF(445.72 K)]
Experimental Study of High Speed Penetration of Thin-wall Projectile in Steel Reinforced Concrete
  ZHAO Nan*,WANG Ke-hui,LI Ming,GU Ren-hong,CHEN Chun-lin and LI Ming-rui
  Published 8月 28日, 2017
  2017,32(4):573-579 [Abstract]  [View PDF(527.11 K)]
Experimental Investigation on Mechanical Properties of T-Shaped Steel Reinforced Concrete Column Subjected to Eccentric Compression after the Fire
  GAO Li-tang*,CAI Wei-pei and WANG Du
  Published 8月 28日, 2017
  2017,32(4):580-592 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.02 M)]