Instructions for Authors

A.Scope of Submission
The Journal covers research articles and reviews, on theory analysis and experiment technology of experimental mechanics; research notes of the innovative progress, engineering application; communication of teaching experience; reports of developing and application of experimental equipment, etc.
B.Submission Requirements
1. Online Submission (via the website or E-mail as an attachment) to this journal is only accepted. If E-mail submission is preferred, please don’t issue to any individuals of the editorial board members in order to avoid delay or improper process of author’s manuscript . Please check your mailbox regularly after submission for finding the informations from the editorial board.
2. The content of the submitted manuscript should be innovative and well-organized. Data in the manuscript should be reliable and the charts should be clear and concise.
3. Review articles should be written by persons with higher academic levels in the related field, present the state of the art and guid the further development of the topic or discipline.
4. Manuscripts written in English is also acceptable (with abstract in Chinese) for international communication.
5. The tittle of the funding project (approval number) and the brief  introduction about the author(s) should be listed at the bottom of the first page.
6. Ppoint out the main innovations at the end of the manuscript with 100-300 words.
7. Please recommend at least 3 peer referees from different work departments with their research major, department and title, telephone and Email address. The recommended referees would be refereed by the editorial board.
C. Manuscript Organization
1. The abstract should be written with third person in reportorial style.  The Abstract should state briefly the purpose of the research, the principle methods and results, as well as the major conclusions. English abstract and Chinese abstract should correspond to each other and the length of abstract should be within 200-400 words.
2.  3 to 8 keywords in both Chinese and English should be listed subsequent to the corresponding abstract.
3.  CLC No. should be in accordance with Chinese Library Classification (the 4th Edition) and be listed below the Chinese abstract.
Terminology should be in accord with the national standards officially published. Units should be legal and capital and low case letters should be distinguished.For example, the unit of stress must be written as kPa and not as KPa or kpa.
5.  Abbreviations in the abstract and the text should be defined with standard or recognized full name enclosed in parentheses when they first appear in the manuscript, e.g. ESPI (Electronic speckle pattern interferometer).The abbreviations can be directly used in the following part of text.
6.  Please specify the corresponding author. Corresponding author should be one of the authors who should be responsible for its originality, and is the one who the editorial board will contact about the process information  of the submitted manuscript. If the student and the advisor are the co-author, corresponding author should be the advisor. Otherwise if the manuscript is independently finished by the student, please make sure that the contact detail is available, in case that the editorial board can’t contact the author after the student graduates.