Submission Instruction

AScope of Submission


The journal publishes articles and reviews on theoretical analysis and experiment technology of experimental mechanics; information on innovative progress and engineering application; exchange of teaching experience; reports on the developing and application of experimental equipment, etc.


BSubmission Requirements


1. This journal only accepts online submission. Please check your E-mail box regularly after submission to keep in touch with the editorial office. For any enquiry, please send an E-mail to


2. The content of the submitted manuscript should be innovative and well-organized. Data in manuscripts should be reliable and figures/tables should be clear and concise.


3. Review articles should be written by leading scholars with a certain academic level, capable of guiding the further development of the discussed topics or disciplines.


4. Manuscripts written in English are also acceptable (with Chinese abstract).


5. The title of funding projects (with approval number) and the brief introduction of the first author and the corresponding author should be listed at the bottom of the title page.


6. Main points of innovation should be stated at the end of the manuscript in 100-300 Chinese characters.


7. Please recommend at least 3 peer referees from institutes other than the authors, and provide their research fields, professional titles, telephone numbers and E-mail addresses. The recommended referees will be considered as references by the editorial board.


8. The charging standard is: Page fee RMB 300 yuan / page; Review fee RMB 100 yuan per article.


C. Writing Requirement


1. The abstract should be written in reportorial style with the third-person perspective, including research purpose, principal methods and results, and major conclusions. English abstract and Chinese abstract should be corresponding to each other and the length of abstract should be within 200-400 Chinese characters.


2.  3 to 8 keywords in both Chinese and English should be listed beneath the abstract.


3.  CLC number should be indicated below the Chinese abstract, in accordance with the Chinese Library Classification (the 4th Edition).


4. Terminology should be in accordance with the officially published national standards. Legal units should be adopted. Capital and low case letters must not be confused. For example, the unit of stress must be written as kPa instead of KPa or kpa.


5.  Abbreviations in abstracts and full text should be defined with standard or recognized full names enclosed in parentheses when they first appear in the manuscript, e.g. ESPI (Electronic speckle pattern interferometer). The abbreviations can be directly used in the following part of text.


6.  A corresponding author should be indicated in each manuscript. The corresponding author should be responsible for the article originality. They also serve as the contact person during the editorial process. If a student and a supervisor are co-authors, the corresponding author should be the supervisor. If the manuscript is independently completed by a student, the author must provide a permanent and reliable contact method to ensure communication is possible after the student's graduation.



D. Figures and Tables


1. Figures in main body text should be used sparingly, centered, not exceeding 70mm × 50mm, with bilingual headings in both Chinese and English.

2. The print edition of the journal does not accept colored figures. Colored figures shall be converted to black and white. Please note that using software for this conversion often results in information loss. Contrast by different colors in original figures may no longer be recognized. Therefore, the converted figures shall be adjusted if necessary.

3. Authors can provide two versions of figures: grayscale and colored. The former shall be used in print journal, while the latter used for online PDF. Video files appended to the manuscript can be released on our official website. Please provide the video multimedia files, if any, to the editorial office and provide an instruction upon submission.

4. Authors should provide the original figure files (*. bmp or *. jpg format) as attachments to the editorial office.

5. Three-line style should be adopted for tables (without vertical lines), and auxiliary lines can be added if necessary. Tables should be centered, not duplicating the content of figures and main body texts.


E. References

Non-English literature must be presented in both the original language and in English, with English version first, followed by the Chinese version, in accordance with the common serial number. Abbreviations do not include abbreviation points. Please follow the sequential coding system and the national standard of reference format. For each reference, only the first three authors are listed, followed by “et al”. For detailed requirement of references format, please refer to the description on the Chinese website