Review Policy

Authors are encouraged to recommend three or more experts in relevant fields as candidate reviewers, and to provide their names, professional titles, affiliations, mailing addresses, E-mail addresses and other information. The following conditions must be met: the recommended reviewers do not come from the same affiliation (university or research institute) as the authors or as each other, and the reviewers should have associate senior professional titles or above titles. 


Review Workflow:

1. The journal accepts submission and processes manuscripts through the online system. After a manuscript is received, it would go through a preliminary review by the editorial office and editorial board. Suitable external reviewers will be selected, and the manuscripts will be sent to them. The journal adopts double-anonymous review system. Manuscripts that do not meet our requirements will be rejected. 

2. The journal will integrate all comments from reviewers and editors and send the comprehensive comments to authors. 

3. The editorial board members will review the revised manuscripts for academic standard and writing quality, and then forward them to the editorial office or the editor-in-chief, who will make the final decision of publication. 

4. All manuscripts will undergo a thorough review and revision process before being accepted and published in this journal.

5. The editorial office shall reply to authors within one week of receiving the manuscripts and send them out for peer review. If there is no feedback to authors more than 3 months after the preliminary review, authors shall have right to re-submit their manuscripts to other journals after informing the editorial office. 

6. The adopted manuscripts will go through our typesetting process, including the modification of text, figures, tables, and formats. This process requires support from authors, especially for modification of figures. 

7. After typesetting is completed, a proofreading sample shall be sent to authors, who must carefully and responsibly check for any discrepancies between the sample and the original manuscript.

8. Please complete the proofreading in time. It will be deemed as withdrawn if the proofreading sample is not returned to the editorial office within 2 months.

9. For accepted manuscripts, the publishing fee shall be payable (RMB 300 yuan per page). For rejected manuscripts, the review fee will be charged (RMB 100 yuan per article). 

10. After publishing, two printed copies of the current issue will be posted to the first authors, and the remuneration shall be paid accordingly (the remuneration paid by this journal covers fees for online use and CD inclusion).


Other Policy

1. Submission by Editors: The editorial staff / editors / editorial board members should not be involved in publishing decisions on papers which they have written themselves or have been written by their family members or colleagues. Any such submission should be strictly subject to the journal’s usual editorial process. Peer review should be handled independently from the relevant author/editor and their research groups.


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